Hi, I’m Joe – thank you for visiting my website.

I’m a musician, based in South West Surrey. I play Bass Guitar and Upright Bass – and have been known to play percussion/drums and violin too, write the odd arrangement, run a big band etc. etc.

I have a BMus degree (and I’m a qualified recording engineer!) – so as well as playing the notes, I know the theory too!

I’m very fortunate (not withstanding Covid!) to be busy: I can both sight-read and play ‘by ear’, and play everything from Baroque to chart-covers, theatre scores, jazz standards to Big Band charts. While playing jazz and pop requires ‘feel’, having the classical training means I can apply the theory to all styles, find ‘the pocket’ (groove) and fit with, and musically complement others. People say I’m easy to get on with…

I’ve been playing music for as long as I’ve been able to reach the piano keyboard – in the course of my musical career I’ve performed in pubs, clubs, cathedrals, village/school halls, hotels, theatres, bandstands and music festivals and concert halls – and of course, recording studios.

At the same time, I’m just as happy providing background music in a pub as I am in front of thousands at a big festival. I am regularly involved in a couple of Big Bands (I run one of them!), a Jazz/Swing band, an orchestra, and a function/party band, as well as bookings to play for theatre shows, parties, concerts, workshops and ‘house band’ backing for ‘jam sessions’.

Nearly all my work comes from recommendations and repeat bookings, so if you’re looking here, then I’m sure I can do a good job for you too!