I’m often asked ‘..which instruments have you got?’, and ‘why don’t you play a Fender Jazz / Ernie Ball Stingray / Warwick …?’. Well, the honest answer is that I’ve found the Yamaha basses are flexible, reliable, nice to play and sound (to me!) great! I am often complimented for ‘my sound’ – so something is right!

So, if the instrument I play makes a difference to you, then ask me for details!

In the interest of protecting my insurance premiums, actual details are not listed here, but the highlights are:

Double Bass: Carved 3/4 double bass with Shadow 965 pickup (“Bertha”)

Electric Bass: Yamaha TRB 6pii (“Beast”) 6 string + other Yamaha basses

Amplification: various, from Markbass Traveller 2×10 (“Mark”) to Trace Elliot stack (“Woodstock”)

… plus a load of other stuff!

Rig for a showcase performance – accompanying performers (sightreading). DI to PA, director wanted stage volume and presence (hence 4×10!)